Friday, June 21, 2002

The office if EMPTY.
All gone for the England Brazil jamboree:)

I'm here and likely to be here all day, loadsa space and a ton of silence.I've spent all morning peeking into other blogs. Such a lovely world view. My eye hurts from the information overaload. Like being introduced to everybody at a society do, and wanting to know a select few, but too curious to stop the frenzied search.

Addiction for the month, after Kundera and switching cell covers.

Am going home over the weekend, biking down, the ghats at Lonavala should be lovely.We could take a detour and drop in at the guest house. Really beautiful bungalow, with old Parsi furniture..High beds, and huge armchairs.

'Aks' playing in the background, Anu Malik in rare glory...

nzjobs just tells me i've matched some awesome jobs, WHATS THE BLEDDY POINT? I can't work there unless i have a work permit and I can't get a work permit till i get a job offer..Utter MORONS!

Ton of mail from people wondering why I want to quit a perfectly good job. Veryyy Verrry a teensy-weensy irritant called BOREDOM! Methinx I'll have to get back to the good old hunt once the funds dry up, but I'm calculating Feb 2003, so right now it's all covered and they all lived happily ever after.

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