Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Okies, I just made a whole load of template changes

So hopefully, I shall keep my hands off vague fiddling around and just keeep WRITING!!!

Hate presentations I don't believe in...

Gotta run, gotta fly, gotta live before I die
(Im beginning to sound like Bomeeeeeee!)
I dont know how to do this!!!

But I will..

Story of my life..

The power of mass media, Fortune made me take a look at this site, and right now I'm the guinea pig..

So let's see how long this experiment lasts....

Thought for the day:
I took a walk yesterday evening, looking for my present. Walked straight, walked bent, walked on and on till I could walk no more….nothing…nowhere close….

Ether is what it is…and I saw other things as the road went on….a kid climbing up the stone wall effortlessly like a monkey, instinctively knowing where to hold and when to let go…does knowledge diminish as we grow older? Or does reason take over instinct?
Noise pollution my love

Then goes the kid in search of the seer, wild-eyed walk, springy limbs, dying to fall apart, living to defy gravity.