Wednesday, June 26, 2002


With undying passion and unexplained relish,
With empty pockets and three rupee Holi colours,
With paint and brush and dirty hands and lovely crayons,
I can make everything HAPPEN:)

Transparent nailpolish with those ugly stars peeping out, cheap tinsel in faded corner shops, the stars at MICA and Solang (choc-a-bloc, neck to neck)
and most of all 'GLITTER GLUE'....

Try saying it, fast...'glitter glue', tongue does a jigsaw in unabashed glee(no apologies to Nabokov)
trust me, it's fascinating.

Ring the bell, push the door open, first object d'art that hits the eye..
An Old Irish cream bottle with dried pink and purple wildflowers, painted over with swirls and swirls of green and gold glitter glue.

Turn right, cane stool, doubles as the telephone stand, triples as a quick dryer (important meeting tommorow, clothes on stool, place under fan, voila, miracle morning!).
And what's that peeping off the edges? Hey, you're getting good at this. Try purple and silver, looks awesome.

90 degrees left, two feet forward, take a right into the corridor, David Duchovny (courtesy roomate) and Aamir Khan (that's right, she strikes again) grace bathroom walls, well, maybe a line or two of black and silver here.

Absolut Mandarin in the kitchen and loadsa orange here again.
One line up and the other line down and a few criss-crosses here and there just about adds that 'designer' touch:)

We live in cities with drab walls and neon signs. I like my colours. And I love them when they shine.