Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Thinking of my SOP...Now why would I want to study socio-cultural anthropology?

Let's see..
" Maslow defined his hierarchy of needs at five levels. Sometimes, I think mine are too numerous and multi-layered to classify in either a linear or understandable fashion.
Purpose is subversive to Intent which in turn reports to Department of Ulterior Motives.
My purpose in applying to a Masters in Anthropology is not as much a purpose as a search and a journey.
Platitudes, cliches,falsetto. Let's start again.

I work in a design agency. I know the theories of communication. I can understand five languages.
I can placate the worst of egos, churn out artwork hour after hour and repeat by rote the types of paper, postcards ought to be printed on.
To what avail? A paycheque at the end of the month and the knowledge that I have what it takes to survive.And the sinking feeling that I have regressed. Into mediocrity, B+ and unseeing eyes.
I was taught to want to know, to love knowledge for the sake of it and allow the world to seep in all its beauty and wonder.
The doors are temporarily jammed.

There is this strange class that permeates the air around me.They come from all around the world and sit on my head.Ghosts and banshees and spirits.Who? Where? What?

I want to know all over again.
That there are people with history dating back thousands of years before mine, living in traditions fostered by ancestors long forgotten.
I want to understand why feuds are fought, how battles were won and how lives are preserved.

I am a small being with big eyes and I want to see with the eyes of a child. All over again."

Think they'll believe me?