Thursday, July 04, 2002

At office staring blankly at my screen. Awful hangover, two hrs to chai time. Fever's catching up, need to get home.

Was in a lovely haze y'day. Alcohol seeping in, music floating and no conversation.
Why does it help to get drunk? Cause it makes it easier to face me.
The 'not happening', 'bad deal', 'wrong choices' me, everything absorbed into the bloodstream.
The edges softened, the lines blurred, the pixels minimised.

Just that the day after feels GODAWFUL!
Makes you want to give up on booze.
Like everytime I have to get my eyebrows tweezed, never want to do it again. But well....head right back the next time.

And come to think of it, I don't want out-of-focus life views. I'd rather see it in all its ugly glory.
As escape mechanisms go, figures right at the bottom of my list.
Can't match the high of a word, a quote, a picture. Of faces on trains and voices on platforms.
Of colour, beauty, and lines; or me and you and them.