Saturday, July 06, 2002

Half my days I cannot bear not to touch you
The rest of the time I feel it doesn't matter
if I ever see you again. It isn't the morality,
it is how much you can bear.

Don't we forgive everything of a lover?
We forgive selfishness, desire, guile.
As long as we are the motive for it.

-The English Patient (Michael Ondaatje, 1992)
What a lovely lazeee day. Feel like this

Just finished the whole load of tiresome billings and now have the rest of the day to while away in God’s own cybercafe.

I have fifteen more days to hand over, update all status reports, close a few projects and get content and design on the exhibition moving. All in all, not bad at all.
It’s been a good year. Definitely much much much much much more organised than I used to be. Learnt to appreciate the fine art of detailing, not to mention design lingo. Can pretty much handle a project end-to-end now. And that is something (read big grin).

Have to get back home and stock up on provisions. Olives definitely, beer, loadsa chocolates. Cheese? Maybe.
Might just try some good old South Indian cooking today and catch a movie on telly.
Decent band playing at the Jazz Garden, but am too bored to find/coax and drag anybody to dinner. So the idiot box it is!!!

Ruchi’s away for the weekend, so house all to myself, definitely need to clean up, get some flowers and most importantly, get the cracks sealed up.Also, try and do a study schedule.
Tasklists are reassuring.