Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Lousy dance session yesterday, got saddled with an asshole of a partner who kept trying to beat the beat.
God knows where he wanted to get to, tripping on my toes and frowning at me like I was the one with the two left feet.

Most irritating, he simply, absolutely refused to enjoy the act and behaved like he was on trial.
Awesome music, lovely expanse of floor and 'Mr. Nose up in air' is on his own trip.
Felt like stepping right on his little toe with four inch heels.Or feeding him to the cat. Or shooting a pin into his bike tyres.
Or just pushing him out of the window..Or Or Or....never mind.

Tonight I'm gonna go home and soak my feet in a large tub of soapy, warm water. Probably cook some macaroni with oodles of gooey cheese. Also, pick up a mousse. Wash hair, paint nails purple,play some music (choices: Marche Slav/ Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan/ Radio Mirchi/ Aks/ Peter Gabriel/ BEATLES!!!).

Then, then, then?
Go for a ride in the night maybe,find a kind soul to be silent with.
Write some. Read some more.
And let the moon in.