Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Why must we find excuses to be right?
I finally got my exam dates today morn!!!!
Whoops, what a relief! Now the entire plan seems kinda REAL .
Long way to go, but my guess is it couldn't have been any other way (post-purchase dissonance and all that crap).

The entire handing over process SUX!! Am so bored of documentation and more documentation and 'manufacture more cloth to cover EVERYBODY'S ass' and some more.
Let's see; meeting in B'bay day after, status reports done, couriers gone, have to call the vendor, burn old data, quote for product branding, brief for corporate copy, mail Anand and Anna and the Eco Times guy....
Let's hope we get back Friday evening, was supposed to go dancing.

Mail's a laundry load of convenience, but I miss ink.
I wanna WRITE on my blog. Curves and curlicues and seriphs. With a leaky pen and twisted nib.
My handwriting has walked with me all stages of my life. From introvert to more introvert to curious to ambitious to confused to composed. It's been there all the way. Through the brief experiment with calligraphy and the 'g' with a blob and a toupee.
Now all I get to write is IOMs and cover letters and addresses on envelopes when the courier has to leave in the middle of the night.
And letters. Sometimes.I write letters to people I love...

Remember Set theory?
Matto only writes letters to people she loves.
But not all the people she loves get letters from her.

No wonder, I can never frame a decent test paper!!!!!!!!!

I write to people I want in my head.
Long, nonsensical, puzzled, whimisical, newsy letters.
On hand-made paper in designer envelopes.
Of course, once written, they lie conveniently on the desk till such time I can drag myself to find a stamp and the right address and a red postbox.

Sloth, my favourite sin.......

What Was Your PastLife?

Hee, hee, heeeeee, he, he, he.....

Mac, do they do this to every dumb, jobless, test-taker?