Sunday, July 14, 2002

I love Sundays..
When I can be coaxed to wake up early that is..

Biked down to Peacock Bay at 6, lovely clear sky and unending road. Stopped there for a good half hr, traipsed all over the brooks and rocks and headed back to breakfast. Crashed for the next three hours.

Just back from Crossword. Bought a Hemingway and loadsa music. I'm running out of cash, but what the hell.
Awesome 'Bong' dinner, dal and chawal like home and HUGE syrupy rosogollas. Bless the revolutionaries.

I like sleeping when I'm tired. When that 'just before sleep', fifteen minutes of restless brain activity is not allowed to stretch into the night.When I sleep like a sozzled hilsa.

Tell me who you are and I'll tell you who I am...