Saturday, July 20, 2002

Everything is but hormones and a rush of blood.

I can only feel as much as my body allows me to and I don't even know if I should trust the consistency of these feelings.
How long does hate last? How much can love withstand?

Maybe, I am but a figment of imagination and the world another metaphor.
The land is also called Marmosa Marmalada and we are in training for a better life.
Plankton in the sea, washed away into microscopic oblivion.

I cannot question who I am, because in the absence of answers, limbo shall conclude that I cease to be.
Today I'm adrift.
Have a BIG lump, dying to get out....

Such an anti-climax...Promise this will be the absolute last ever time I whine about quitting.
But loss of familiar surroundings has always been a sore point..

I'd bawl everytime I'd have to go back to hostel and I'd hate getting back home during vacation.I do NOT take too easily to drastic change.There's a whole load of time and energy I invest in my surroundings, in people, soft boards, desks and my window.
Have to empty it out of my head.

Softboard has the verses of Lochinvar and an Escher print. Also the tickets for 'Evam Indrajit' and 'Death', our theatre productions.Besides a few random concept pics, exhibition renderings, CD scripts, schedules.
Desk has a Chinese loo (Anthu, if u'r reading this, it still works) and my Cheshire cat. Also the TOI mug (which incidentally, I'm going to whack).

My office is a white building with zebra stripes, situated right out of the back of beyond. You can see the hills outa the window.
Time to relocate to civilization.