Wednesday, July 24, 2002

I had a GRAND day today!

Met Veena..Veena's my counsellor, friend, mentor..She's one of those people in my life who teaches me to smile straight and think right.
I don't know her too well. Just enough.
To think, see and not mind the blotches.

I sat up writing half the night yesterday. Think I'm beginning to write right.
Watched life flow. Looked through old photographs and letters.
Relegated nothingness to the upper reaches of the attic at the bottom of my appendix.

Nothingness, such a euphemism...says nothing, yet tries so effortless flow, leaving nothing in its wake.
If everything could be verablised, my tongue is all I would need. But verbosity is my crutch and don't ask me to limp.

Write for the sake of writing, in itself an acknowledgement of the eternal need for reason...for the sake of....something backed by something/ safety nets/ no fallen angels. Excuse my inability to stand on my own.

Pinpricks burst bubbles! Ban needles, ban involvement! Curiosity, chutzpah, life!
Too many exclamation marks, talk soft...