Thursday, July 25, 2002

Mr.Essential Ingredient of My Life!
How essential? As much as I choose to let it be. Can I let go? Oh yes!
Purpose of above statement, to establish credibility of control mechanism.

You're pissing me off. Your theories, your paradigms, your righteousness.
Mr. Too Perfect, Exalted Highness is difficult to handle.
You're up there and I'm down here and I can't see you listening. Your conversation has the right gaps, just enough for me to fill then up . But I'm just a filler and you just want to say your piece. That's what it's all about. Saying your piece.
Audience beware, there just aren't enough of you guys. Suggest you start demanding a premium.

You are right, or so you claim and thus you defend.
And I am tired of stepping carefully, keeping silent, watching my words.

I hate fitting in and discovering that you have so tailored yourself to a particular role that you hate roles you have played at different points in time.
I would love to keep running, never having a past. Don't want anyting to come back to or build a story around.Do not want to be caught between times, knowing where not to go and heading right there. Can't be in between, rapidly falling in love with my own helplessness.

Strangely restless.
Everything keeps coming back.