Friday, July 26, 2002

It's a lovely day and I slept all morning..saw 'Road to Perdition' yesterday. Extremely ughhhh...
Wanted 'I am Sam' or 'The English Patient', but the dodos with me obviously suffered from acute lack of taste.

Have a whole bunch of mails from associates and clients, really nice ones...think I will be in touch with quite a few of them.
Binged on clothes today, some lovely shorts and skirts and pajamas at Cotton World, no money, seems like Daddy will have to be coerced into opening his coffers. Is nice to feel partly 'supported' after such a long time. Don't mind going back to the allowance funda actually.
Come to think of it, I've never had a fixed allowance thing ever. Most expenses were asked and accounted for, they were discussed and provided for, post viability studies. I've always grown up knowing pretty well what I can have and what I cannot.

I still have to get an alternative cell scheme. Just blasted the Idea guys, but didn't seem to make much of a difference.
Just my luck, that the customer care guy turned out to be a 40+ Iyer Tam Brahm, JUST THE KIND I CANNOT STAND!!! Reminded me of a lot of obscure family members with those patronising tones and dismissive gestures.This one was comparatively manageable.
Said my piece, threatened to switch (which I will anyway) and walked out. Definitely not the kind of tirade that makes a shit of a difference to anybody.

Have to get back home in a while. Picked up a marvellous collection of plays by this guy called Wesker. There's this one called 'Three Women Talking' that is so minutely detailed, right from the light arrangements to the sets and the people. A friend wanted to have a look at the script. He's thinking of staging the play. Don't feel like giving it to him at all. Am a little protective about this piece. If not done well, it can end up looking pretentious and awkward.Like words all wrong and situations for the sake of...
Its a potential minefield, extremely powerful in content and I know he's going to ruin it.
I want to do this play, start to finish. But doubt I'll ever bring myself to. Naaaaaah, not now.

Suffering from lack of external stimulants. Nobody I know has anything to say.
Why is everybody simultaneously brain-dead?

I have new clothes and I'm going home.