Monday, September 16, 2002

I have a life. When I least expect it, I find it.

Been running around University all day. The project is finally kicking off. Is a pretty ambitious HUGE five year thing that has to start off with a feasibility report. That means I have tons of structural work coming up. I like the stuff. Putting things in order.

Last Friday was a huge load of fun. Took a whole bunch of screaming 6-15 year olds to the Lohegaon airport. Field trip for this organisation I volunteer once in a while for. We got to see the insides of a really plush, neat monoplane. Absolute high point and the kids went mad! Hema Malini, Esha Deol and the other kid, Ahana landed up at just that moment (in town for the Pune festival) and obviously, the plane was promptly forgotten! Complete pandemonium in the gallery.Celebrity appeal is to be seen to be believed.

The weekend's gone. The concept still stays, though all days are holidays right now. And I'm supposed to be working doubly hard, operative word being 'supposed'. Was up on the terrace day before chatting with a friend. My most erudite, coherent, meaningless conversations have always been on rooftops and terraces. The silence and the distance inspire all that blab. All my theories fall into place in thin air.

Theory of the week: Everything is open and amenable to manipulation.To elaborate, manipulation does not carry with it the usual literary connotation; black fades into grey and the issue of pulling strings is only so far as the end justifying the means.

To repeat a platitude, we all create our tight little cocoons of wefts, warps and gossamer. And preservation comes at a cost.