Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Whatever you do, just tell me. Let me know. Words. Just feed me. Time and again. And I'll be fine. Perfectly.

Am I in the wrong business? Selling dreams, living dust. You didn't see the expiry date, did you? Check the entry below and you'll figure out the irony of the situation. Too long a pause. Too large a question. Time for closure.Re-insert value, Question purpose. Live on. It doesn't work this way. Which way does it work then? Dunno. But not this. You've seen the right things. All around you. Pay your fare. Wait in line. Throw away the plastic.
Open those peepers wide. Watch the reds and yellows, the crimson and orange. Throw the muddy brown and the pale white. Soak a little ego, add a pinch of raw energy, burst into flames. Leave the others to simmer.

You're smooth and suave. You used to be sweet. Caught ya.

My ego's hurt. I let it out on a vacation too long. In his absence, do the weak yearn for the tyrant? In absence and under attack.
Touch and retreat. Bang your head against the wall. Am I repeating myself or is the world in a warp?