Monday, February 10, 2003

The weekend just flew past…I wanted to pack and sort and list… and sit at home. But ended up out in the city through the day and night. Caught up with a few friends from out of town on Saturday and was at a Louis Banks, Sivamani thing on Sunday. The only good thing about the last mentioned was cheap booze. Complete, utter cacophony. I do not have the expertise to make any ‘purist’ claims, but this was pathetic, capital P, font size 42! Four guys all on their own trip. It was money well-spent if only for the ‘never again’ reminder. A lot of gimmickry and utter confusion. Maybe I should stick to Anu Malik.

Today’s as dead as it is irritating. Lots of work and complete lack of motivation. My head is on ‘mute’. Could be worse. Doubtless, will be...

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