Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Was reading a book yesterday advocating past-life regressive therapy. A technique where the patient under hypnosis re-lives many past life experiences responsible for present-day fears. After which the latter are supposedly miraculously cured. Yeah right!

Just so strikes me that these are these are the explanations my childhood dreams were made of. A perfect grade and the world will love you. For all that is harped upon on the desirability of simplicity, my layers are complex and do not function by scalar rules. I do not believe that my being is a passive absorbent mass. I believe in its ability to mould, think, live and feel. Is as mischievious as it gets. It plays to the gallery and pretends the fool. To believe that it is capable of being run over in this manner is to deny mankind its war against the odds. Play the game, but for somebody's sake, tell me whose fooling who?

Time please...

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