Monday, August 04, 2003

Can I make a story? Of you and me and the perfect happiness that we will eventually find. Yeah okay fine, maybe not with each other.
But the story lies waiting to be told. And what a story my friend.
He was intelligent and interesting and funny. She was intrigued, curious and young. Where the hell did they meet? Oh somewhere in the bylanes of an old city, he scouring the streets, she hunting for trinkets…I could tell you more but then there are other sources, rather industries of exponential economic worth that describe the process. Let’s not rob them the pleasure.

But you and I can watch the story unfold before time. Because there is a story there wouldn’t you agree? They are opposite sexes to begin with and let us anyway take the liberty of conferring heterosexuality. So that’s a point of common interest…does the rest really matter? Ah well, embellishment no doubt, but skip the icing…
What she wore, what he looked at, what she likes, what he doesn’t, where they lied and how they connived, the games they played and the defenses they fought…done over and sold.

Mr. and Mrs. A star in ‘The Life and Times of Mr. and Mrs.A’…and nothing is as different as they would like it to be. It’s the same old sin, the fear of being alone and the necessity of dying old. The obsessiveness with safety and the constant tinkering with back-up nets.

You know what? I’m bored and I lied. There isn’t a story here.
So sue me.

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