Sunday, August 10, 2003

It seems to me that we take our pleasures where we find them. And who’s the worse for wear? Hop, skip, jump and leap.

And this country and its size is growing on me. Whatever little I have seen of it.

I miss the grime though. Already. The smells and the sweat. And I can think of a thousand and one people who would enjoy this place more than I do. I know that there are a hundred thousand and one things that I haven’t done yet. But it’s like forever switching between rides in an amusement park.

But it is a relatively new experience being a rank outsider. Not that there has been enough reason so far for it to be drilled into my consciousness. Not knowing is imbalance enough I guess. So I have probably decided to be the outsider long before the label is printed. Esteemed guest. Designated visitor. Being from outer space.

Reading Steppenwolf.

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