Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Sometimes, purpose stays circumspect and at other times redundant...if text is only the representation of a thing and can never be a thing, this then is a doubtful rendition of my uncertain mind...does a double negative resemble a positive? Or is it just the idea of plus and minus that is skewed?

The discussion today centred on religion and how it is accounted for within the realm of anthropological interpretation...sometimes mystical and sometimes functional...but as far as I can see, even the mystical is functional because the only people analyzing it are on the outside of absolutism and hence to them, the purpose cannot but be manifest...so do we reason and conclude on the functionality of religion and God only to stay away from them or legitimately participate in them? Why is reason such an exacting master? And why does it seem like we find ways everyday to circumvent this feudal lord?

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