Thursday, January 23, 2003

I am moving house next month. My roomie's getting married. And I'm bored of maintenance. Like, really BORED. So moving into this paying guest accomodation near office. Huge row-house and everything else thrown in for good measure. Kitchenette, writing space, furniture and A DOG. I am so looking forward to it. The dog part that is. My parents live in this villa-like place with lawns all over and space and light and the works. And we've never had a dog, because my mum doesn't fancy taking care of one. And when I moved out of home seven years back to college and then work, I knew I definitely wouldn't be able to ever have a dog on my own. Too little space and way too little time. It's kind of an unexpected surprise right now. So in a month's time, I am going to have a pet.

I'm sure I'll hate giving up the flat. It's been my place. I hunted it down, furnished it, maintained it, cleaned it, loved it and held onto it for so long. It was so MY place. It's a beautiful looking thing by the way. Fifth floor, French windows and lovely view.

I guess it makes a lot of sense to move though, everything in life being currently so transitory. Today's a lazy day again, I hope my projects get going soon. I need enough distractions.
So much like old times, repair template, trial and error, cups of tea and intermittent phone calls....Is it deja vu; misplaced nerve ends or life coming full circle?
Is crazy to be back when I didn't even go. Welcome to an empty room and sleeping eyes.
So much to tell, so much to keep. Been away, been happy, been sad and been alive.

Anyway, it's back to work after a six month hiatus. Finally, there's somebody else to impose a little routine in my life. I have a new machine and a new desk. The view's as good as ever and I still recognise the jargon. Easing into the role, walking the walk, talking the talk.

The past few months have probably been more difficult than anything else I have ever done in my life. Long days of wakefulness and constant sleeplessness. Studied, crammed, wrote, worried. And blew away all that carefully hoarded money. Time to earn it all over again.

I travelled and I talked, and I slept and I walked. Pune, Bombay, Bangalore, Goa, Lakshadweep, Pune. What will it be next? I am bored of this city, I hope I get to move soon. Into a new life and a long road.