Saturday, January 25, 2003

I have a weekend lying waste. Surprising that I do not know what to do considering that I have spent the last six months doing precisly this. Figuring out how to optimise time and minimise anxiety and depression. 'Optimise'! Sheesh, the jargon is right back in place.

I have a few new books to pick up where I left them last. Just discovered Ian McEwan a few months back and he's BRILLIANT. Not just style, but also a lot of intrigue in the stuff he writes. Quite dark, which is something I wouldn't expect upfront from a British author. But then, I guess that applies to Murdoch too, so I stand corrected. Too small a sample size and too arbitrary a conclusion.
What else have I been reading? 'Lila' all over again. And it never disappoints.

The day's been uneventful. One meeting and a few concept notes and a lot of surfing and some crosswords. Wonder what's on telly tonight? I am disoriented. I have lost my place in space and time. Somebody stole my markers.

Went for the silly Ashram tour last week. I repeat 'Silly! A fifteen minute silent walk through a lovely place and 35 mins of a VIDEO!!!
At the end of the tour, you're handed an FAQ that has questions as vague as 'Why does the Brotherhood, etc etc....wear white?'...Ans: 'Osho chose the colour'! Case closed....and of course not to mention something to the effect of 'Is the Ashram all about sex and orgies?'....Ans: 'People interested in spirituality ask about meditation, people interested in cars ask about Rolls Royces, people interested in sex......'

As a friend of mine would say 'Le Li':)