Monday, January 27, 2003

Not a waste after all. Spent some time writing. Slept a lot. Saw a few plays.

Friends of mine staged a performance of this play called 'The Temple Elephant' originally in Malayalam. Extremely well produced and enacted. To begin with, the script is POWERFUL. Cynical and angry, bitter and spent.

It's the story of a temple elephant and his mahout, banished to obscurity and penury since the elephant started throwing the temple idols off its back. Metaphors abound and there was something extremely touching about the camraderie of poverty. The story progresses and brings in various characters in the public arena who want to use the elephant's plight for their ulterior motives. Extremely catchy translation...and very very empathetic.

All theatre is in the end but an idea. The performance and the prostitution of an idea? Who buys and to what purpose?
Is this how life's truths unfold? On an artifical stage in manipulated spots?
In artistry and sleight-of-hand lie the remnants of the tipping point.