Thursday, February 06, 2003

I turned my cupboards inside out yesterday. And came to a decided conclusion, one that has been made before but never with this veracity. I have WAY TOO MANY clothes. And this doesn’t refer to the very many times I moan that I have nothing to wear. Just in terms of pure stock and inventory management, too much to handle. Things dating back from school and college and post-grad. Stuff I hardly wear, sentimental, narrative woven stuff and a few ‘never knew what to do with’ pieces. I put them away into neat piles and finally decided to throw out around 70% of the stuff.

I HAVE to find ways to minimise existence. Things in places, no pieces jutting out and none marring the view. And I stood on the balcony, looking at the pretty lights below. Sodium vapour lamps and bright neon signs. Rooftops and strings of tiny bulbs. Bicycles and patios and plants and dogs. I will not have this view a month from now. Might as well enjoy and put it away in the head.

Subtract, minimise, give away. Scarcity by choice.