Thursday, February 13, 2003

Professional bubble maker..that’s what I am.

I love those fragments of water and air. Seek to remind me that beauty however limited in its existence is still mandatory elixir. Every relationship is a bubble, an entity unto itself, fuelled by optimal winds and threatened by ceilings. Once in a while, one finds clear sky and another makes peace with its limits. I have a collection of these things. Each independent of the other. Different strokes and whorls of colour.

I have a few friends permanently orbiting my mindspace. I couldn’t do without these guys. They are completely and totally indispensable and I have no qualms admitting it to them. And what I give and get in each of these cases is varied enough for me to have to re-invent myself all the time. We orbit space together, fighting winds, loving the view, feeling the ‘unbearable lightness of being’… I know these things can only rise so far, but I haven’t seen those heights yet.