Monday, February 17, 2003

I do not debate the possibility of conflict. I just avoid it.

I have a long bus day ahead. Two people not coming in, have to take over their projects. And leave early to meet the progenitors at the station; they’re on their way to Chennai and Daddy wants pizza for dinner. So I need to drop by Smokin Joe’s on the way and then get to the station. The things people do…

Lots of administration work, paper clearance and packing. Can you think of a better way to spend a life?
I am confused and perplexed and in the eye of a maelstrom. No inclination to concentrate on the solution. Too much inertia.
My head talks in pictures. Of the day and the week and the future of mankind. It's just gone silent. I have temporarily suspended the ability to read. Is rejuvenation a myth? Don't tell me, I wouldn't understand what you're saying.
It's a drop of nothingness and a time for reckoning.