Sunday, March 30, 2003

Dungeons and dragons. All night long.

It scares me. The banality of it all. The mindlessness and the absence of a frame. Spins me around in the same cycle. The world is going round and round.

How am I so disparate from the strangers around me? The ones that fight against a relentless someone fighting a pointless something. Trojan the wall trampling thousands in the process. A delicious glory in the name of a flag at half-mast.
Leads me out of my body. To disown the world. And disinherit my beginnings. To disavow loss and separate suffering. To turn my back on the battle-field. And wait till I am stabbed.

Either with or against them. Who them? Who us? Team A, Team B, Team C. In a close contest of mayhem. No middle ground, no Switzerland. Break it down till it stares you in the face. A decision must be made.