Wednesday, April 02, 2003

It was never meant to last. He so calm, his face like parchment, bland in its absolute receptivity and indifferent generosity. She such an atmospheric child, ignorant and wise, happy and sad, sometimes so sad. So touched by wherever he took her, so out of her skin. Wide-eyed and borderline pretty. Not so when she sulked, furrowed lines, asking everything never meant to be answered. And he knew the answers and she manufactured the questions. Perfect arrangement? Not quite.

She stopped asking. And he lost the surety of knowledge. Just another casualty on the landscape. The audience ran out and speech turned inaudible. And they lived anyway. Mute, irresolute and unhappy. Happiness a fire-fly flicker, momentary at best and illusionary at worst. And the routine that must be. Time-sheets, meetings and laundry. Newspapers, bills and today's horoscope. The price of sugar and the stupidity of governance. Re-evaluate time and de-evaluate our lives. So it is and so it goes on. The beginning of the end.