Friday, April 04, 2003

I walked on. Long strides to his gigantic ones. Unseen road and leaves beyond reach. On and on and on in unfelt agony. What if a vein burst and the blood flowed like a tide? What if it stained the stones and made rivulets to skip over? What if it changed the colours of the world? We would still walk on in cheerless abandon. With bodies of skeletons and blood in the cracks of our feet.

He walked and I ran. And the kid passed us in a mock frenzy of survival. He skipped and ran. He could have turned cartwheels if he wanted to. All I can do is roller-skate. What skills do I possess that are my own? I have to strain the annals of my brain to recollect what little I used to be able to do. Not worth putting down.

Inconsequential being. Body, soul and mind. A chance combination and a certain end.