Tuesday, July 15, 2003

And it's two in the night and I must think of something to say..
In this time and space, in this moment of grace...

How can I not?
Time will bury my virtues and magnify my sins.
This is when I need to draft my defence.
Justify my day and maximise my time.

Value energy expended and conserve tomorrow's worth...
Strength to go on is an infrastructure composed of multiple lists of things I have never done before and things I have put off for the morrow...

This then is my claim to a little time beyond my imprint
A tale hanging in the air when the body has long burned to ash
And isn’t if good?
Isn’t it funny?
Isn’t it everything that you paid the price of a ticket for?

Then wait in line and bend your back into too-tiny seats and worn-off cushions.
The act has begun…
A minute late and you’ll miss the plot…
God has off late been declared to be in the details.
Less than a month short of total overhaul.
My room’s in disarray and so are my brains.

The greens are out in full bloom.
The light’s peeping in through holes in the sky.
My neighbour’s doing his usual jaunt, cigarette in hand.
A little bit of smoke in an otherwise perfect day…

What I have and what I want

Rich empty spaces and white sky
Devoid of the circumlocutions of colour
The redundancy of meaning

I walked there once upon a very long time ago. Nimble of limb and limbless often...
Under skies of stars with feet of heather.