Tuesday, October 07, 2003

'...an important difference between games of entertainment and marriage rules: The former are constructed in such a way as to permit each player to extract from statistical regularities maximal differential values, while marriage rules, acting in the opposite direction, aim at establishing statistical regularities in spite of the differential values existing between individuals and generations...each individual tries to play it in the normal way, that is, by maximizing his own advantage at the expense of the others (i.e to get more wives, or better ones, whether from the aesthetic, erotic or economic point of view). The theory of courtship is thus a part of formal sociology.'

- Social Structure, Claude Levi-Strauss

Anthropology truly cracks me up!!!
In complete high stress that I just do not feel equipped to untangle...is a ton of activity with no semblance of sequence, transition or order. The need for structure is a debilitating structure. Need to unravel other ways of tackling this recurring mesh of inanity.

1. Get fellowship opportunities in place
2. Figure out which papers are worth the while
3. Detach detach detach
4. Write this week's paper at least six hours before submission time, basically, try and get some sleep Sunday night
5. Buy the damn bloody laptop! Enough prevarication and consideration!!!
6. Stick to one accent;)
7. Decide if I want to be a cabaret dancer or an anthropologist
8. Add belly dancing as another option
9. Make a concrete research plan for the summer....

And now I need to stop typing and go read some Burmese ethnographies...