Tuesday, December 23, 2003

It's been a week and some. Done with my final papers and cruising through a four week vacation. So much that has been wrapped up and so much being unravelled. Never a dull moment is all I can say. Sometimes I wonder the rationale of seeking chaos...like worrying about having nothing to worry about.

It's not a worry right now, just a nagging thought and a constant cunning loop. Something's got to give. Famous last words...

Is it really worth the process of careful construction? Loops and patterns, are they the same thing?
Accountability is no fun at all. And we are governed by our crosses. I fortunately, have multiple choices of those. Ribbed, scented, handcrafted, tailored, designed and custom-made. What then shall be my deathwish of the week?

But have had a lovely weekend in New York and I so love the place. So bloody psychedelically alive. And I've been out walking and listening to music..on the streets, in the subway and in the village. And the music is what is ruining thought. The music, the beat and the promise of harmony. Distractions, deflections and disasters. Do they fall in line?

Back in Philly and heading out to Chicago in another ten days. And I am so broke. In every way possible.