Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Just watched 'Boom'...found it quite watchable despite the doomsday reviews. Sort of like Gustad's first film, 'Bombay Boys'..it's a weird, wannabe noir, fun movie. And I am bored in my head. All activity seems to be with the express purpose of conscious movement. And it stops at that.

What if you and I were secret schizophrenics? What if we were to convert our fragmented lives into separate episodes of being and master the art of separating one from the other?What if we were 33,000 discrete lives?
And everything becomes the video game that it is with decentralized modes of control...variants of the same self in its multiple playgrounds but the plays take on lives of their own...

What's on your minds?
If only I were to be spared the pursuit of perfection, the nitpickery of lint and the fallacy of thought. Life would be oh-so-fine.