Monday, November 29, 2004

Sorry about the random disappearing acts, too much frigging work and then of course there was that period with no work which again causes problems because I have nothing to write about. Excuses notwithstanding, it's been a good Thanksgiving break. I caught up on some non-academic reading and bummed around doing almost nothing. Did go to San Antonio on a mindless, free-falling, see friggin' Shamu drive. Was so much fun! Can I be a sea-whale in my next life and do nothing but somersault and eat fish? Oops, correction, 'killer' whale...
Also had a good conference in Frisco a few weeks back which went off fairly well, truth be told. I do get the hang of academia once in a blue-moon while apparently. What I really enjoyed was walking up and down downtown SF, peeping into every art gallery, pretending that I could afford it all. Some of it was startlingly beautiful and incredibly sensory. Cities are good for me, I need to get out of this hippie-town, much as I love it too.
Books and beauty, drives and dilemmas...I need more more, friggin' more! I am bored!!!