Monday, January 19, 2004

It's not good to care this much about myself. It's not good to watch the ground when I walk. It's not good to scare easy and walk tall.

But I'll tell you what's good. It's good to drive in the sun and the wind. It's good to wear red and walk in the cold. It's good to hear the water gurgle (even if the pond was called the stream of divine love;)) and the wind whistle.

Walking by the pavement, dodging the cobblestones, hoping for a miracle...
'You walked by luv and lit up my life'...god, the guy could talk...
I am spoilt. Or at least I used to be. Doesn't seem like there's anyone to ask that of anymore. Not right now anyway. Oh, they'll come along sometime or the other. But, I, my darling am giving away what little bargaining power I had. Do not have the inclination or the energy to cajole, push, beg, plead, demand or claim. What I have, I have..what I don't, I don't.

It makes me more content to listen right now. To watch with beady, frog eyes and amuse myself with the erudition of your wilfulness. The games people play are not necessarily the ones they win. I, on the contrary darling, am most always destined to come out clean.