Friday, March 26, 2004

We went to look for an apartment. And why is that so important? Because we have to live somewhere I guess. More importantly, we have to know where we live. Park Street or Lake Boulevard? North or South? House or apartment? Duplex or studio? Single or non-single? Smoking or non-smoking? And then we situate ourselves within this multi-matrix. This cacophony of planes and parameters. And dismiss from our world-view those that conform to other meanings and other matrices. Dismiss, differentiate, categorize.

Where was I? Apartments. People don’t live in houses here as much as they live in other places. Coffee shops, workplaces, bars, gyms and libraries. They don’t care about being seen, but they make sure that they are. And they carve themselves out a little bit of private space in these public spaces. An area of non-confrontation. An oasis of self. Touch-me-not and beware of dog.

Smile at all you see else they’ll wonder at the unhappiness of your private universe. Misery attracts audience, happiness is left alone. Stare no more lest you be sued for intrusion. Drive carefully, pay your taxes and wash your blinkers lest they fray.

The rules, the rules. The sea, the sea.