Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Life's full to the brim and some. This cup I am afraid will need to stretch its neck some more for the tea to stay in. Am having masala chai as we speak. Speaking of course being metaphorical for the kind of disjunctive, removed, protected lives that you and me the world revel in creating.
And abstractions are so cool.

I attended a talk by this lady yesterday. Very interesting and wonderful food for thought. Unfortunately it gets digested and ejected faster than most of my papers, useless as the latter may be. It is the classic antithesis, thought and action. That activists would want to associate with academics seems at one turn naive and at the other idealistic and yet in my rare moments of low-volume cynicism I might even be willing to concede effort if not effectivity.

I have three chapters of secular pontification for the night. Life if not good is nevertheless long.