Monday, August 15, 2005

It's Monday morning and it's time to whine. I've been at work forever and it's not going to change. Am juggling twenty seven deadlines and I do love it, I admit...but it sends me into regular bouts of panic and cluelessness. Spoke to A for an hour day before night and woke up having little recollection of it...all I remembered was a dreamlike sequence of things I couldn't remember. Reminds me of the time I used to have daily nightmares where my client would keep rejecting all our campaign designs and scream endlessly about how we were getting the corporate color all wrong...after everything had gone into print. To the lay reader, this might not seem like much....but to the minion on the lowest rung of the corporate ladder, it is no less than a call to harakiri...

Those days are a far cry from now, but this addiction to stimlus seems to be leading me down some strange paths everytime I begin to think that I'm over it...strange...and X is back on the my detriment and his ignorance...let the games begin.

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