Thursday, January 20, 2005

If I could sidestep I would...
If I could step over I would...
If I could run, hide and slurk, I absolutely would...
But I can't...
God and life do apparently lie in the inane, messy, undesirable details...and detail them I must. The next two days will no doubt be mundanely boringly insane.
I haven't had anything to say...between too much time and too little, I haven't inhabited moderate weather in some time now. The semester has caught up and I am catching my breath. Winter has faded into memory and so has sleep. This, indeed, is the life.

On other fronts, I have quite a few interesting courses and this should be my last semester of coursework. Qualifiers loom on the horizon but that is only if I get through this one alive.

My reading list for the week:
Body rituals of the Nacirema
Critique of the State
Blue and Brown Books
Funeral Casino
Scandal of the State
The Word Child (this one is the sanity factor)

Interesting, tiring, frustrating, invigorating and very puzzling. I was trying to remember all the books I have read since getting into grad school and my memory feels like a sieve, a sieve sifting extra fine sand at that! To what avail and what ultimate noble cause? Passing time, chewing gum...hell and damnation...

And yet, I do like it. In spite of the fact that I seem to have lost the ability to communicate in less then sixteen letter words and twenty word sentences, and I need to process everything in terms of problematizations, critiques, engagements and deconstructions, in spite of all the useful speech that I have forgotten and the useless verbosity that I spew...I am you think I will ever get back to the real world?