Saturday, February 19, 2005

Saturday night mayhem again. Deadlines looming over my head and the usual fear of writing staring stark into my furrowed forehead, all of it can be worked out tomorrow. I really have to get to writing the article before it gets too late.

Tomorrow night I'm out again which means all of that which can be done needs to be done in the day which means I'll have to wake up in the morning. Damn Damn Damn! Why won't the day start at 1 and go on till 4 in the morning? What is the point of being up with the Sun? The Sun knows its job and I know mine, why do we need to get going together? It's almost like women and rest-rooms!

I have been dreaming all afternoon. Old friends and new ones and soon to be old ones. One frame after another..Words and faces and frowns and spaces. I could be a full-fledged screenwriter if I could transcribe from my dreams. But I woke up tired. I think I need a break from people.