Monday, February 21, 2005

I don't know what to do.
Thought for the Day/Night/Whatever time you may choose to inhabit

Life is too ordinary for love to be anything less than magnificent

- Dream for an Insomniac
It's been a good weekend, just back from good wine and conversation. B is a good person to talk to, he makes sense and more importantly, he makes sense in grammatically correct, linguistically elegant sentences. And he has the ability to verbalize beauty, something that I only manage in rare instances of inebriation. Our schedules hardly match but when they do, it makes for a very fulfilling account of time. Bless him and bless his kind. And it was K's birthday today. I called and we spoke for what was probably the longest I have spoken to him in some time. And I so love him. For what he manages to be despite the breaks in time and the gaps in memory. He's important, that is all I will say for fear of over-extending myself. Important. Nice neutral word that.

And I'm just taking a break from work to rant. Well, considering that is the extent of my ambitions for this space, I think I'm doing very well. Stuck in my writing again. Sometimes I think it is not inability as much as inertia that hinders most of my work. If I could work myself into permanent frenzy I think I would do very well.