Tuesday, March 22, 2005

And the break is over and I'm back knee-deep and head down into the rest of the semester. My paper submissions have been accepted but with a fair number of edits, so have to get those out of the way by the second week of April. Different matter that they are all basically the same thing with different titles;) and additions and subtractions. But hell, they look good on the résumé.
Mexico was beeeyutiful and so much like des. Chaos and mayhem and madness. And noise and warmth. Cuatro Cienegas was lovely for about half a day before our camp got rained out by the only thunderstorm of the year. Very pretty nevertheless, desert and sand and pond and life. We then shut camp and headed out driving to Saltillo and Monterrey. The former is a very pretty old colonial town with kitschy cafés and quaint plazas and cathedrals and the latter a huge, swanky, industrial and business centre. Four days of 360 degree sensorama. All in all, a very satisfying break. If I ever emigrate it will be to Mexico.

I think what I enjoyed most was the slowing down. The erasure of neurosis. I could reduce pace, forget about desire and need and longing and loss and erase all writing and reading. Replace it with blankness and two-dimensional physicality. Pure, unadulterated distance.

That's what I need right now. Distance. Critical disjuncture.