Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fitting that the nosedive should come right after the ascent. People are dying, people are leaving. Guard your lives well, they're a little fragile and the cracks sometimes stand up in bas-relief...not that I wish you that; anything but...but guard them nevertheless. I am off tomorrow and I know there will be better times. But the people I love are leaving this week and my world is a little cracked...a little. And I'm being selfish and I know this is important to them and I know it's not about me and I know this is how life moves. I know and I do not feel. And I love them. I do I do I do. Doesn't that amount to anything?

Don't take the lament too seriously, is the old whiny voice making a tentative comeback. But I don't feel so good. Will be back in better times.