Thursday, July 07, 2005

It is time to recover this space again. I almost said renovate, but ah well... Am back back back. Back from India and NYC, back from abrasion and noise and the metaphysics of quality to silence, heat, sanitation and straight lines. Blah! Don't mind me, this is just the whining of the first week, shall soon pass.

India was hot for the first fifteen days that I was there and unrelentingly precipitous for the next. The heavens poured down, the lights went out and I ate and slept and stared at the invisible sea. T'was beautiful beyond compare. Also shopped, visited friends in Pune and Bombay and bought tons of useless stuff at Bandra and Sohrab Hall. And visited all the physicians that I cannot afford here on the paltry insurance they offer underpaid overqualified teaching assistants. Watched Bunty& Babli and other such mindless entertainment and so so so LOVED it. My goal for this year is to achieve the perfect state of near-mindlessness, near because I need that thin gap to be able to laugh at it. Imagine not only being blank, but also having the distance to appreciate blankness, like being in and out of a Mondrian at the same time...from colors to monochromes and from grids to eh?

And Abhishek Bachchan by the way, is so definitely the MAN! Caveat: Aforementioned movie recommended only for those who understand, appreciate and are devoted to the fine art of preserving dheet sadak chaap humor.
For example:
Makkha aur makkhi theater se nikalte hain...makkhi kehti hai "main bahut thak gayee"....makkha kehta hai, "kutta kar lein?"
(Was even conned into a B&B bag incidentally; yes I know, I suck)

Stopped over in NYC on the way back and had the most wonderful time ever. Walked around, saw the Max Ernst and Matisse retrospectives at the Met and watched life unfold in billboards and musicals. Stayed with a dear friend who was kind enough to put me up, take me around and in general make me feel like the world when it manages to preen is not such a bad thing after all. He lives in West New York and I met some of his family and friends and they are all wonderfully warm, open souls. Evidence of beauty is always a relief and yes, the sun came out. In so many ways.