Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Time for the 'Oh I have a blog,so maybe I should ramble' update. Work goes on, life goes on and not a field-mouse shakes the grass. I have a job and I have two pending book reviews which will hopefully plump up my currently sparse résumé with appropriate publications.

Last week was a scare with my father driving through the torrents in B'bay. I have been constantly on the phone and mailing people hoping as hell that things are closer to normalcy than the headlines seem to indicate....fat chance though! The distance makes it easier to consider catastrophe as a 'faraway' occurence, but it only intensifies feelings of complete and total mis/ dis'connection'. Fingers and toes in permanent calisthenics.

On other fronts, have been kayaking every weekend and it definitely helps relieve stress, academic and otherwise. I live right by the lake and it's generally pleasant weather in the mornings. Watching ducks, turtles and good looking men sculling is probably an improvement over hegemonic panopticons.

On that note, it's time to get back to them...hasta mañana and happy living.