Sunday, August 07, 2005

The week threatens to be overwhelming. Things have to go into print, travel plans must be made and grant proposals attempted. Which is why all I did all weekend was cook and clean. House, hearth, kitchen and bathtub. It's all sparkling clean now and my refrigerator has food. Now if only there were a dog too...

But aspirational 'life would be complete if' images aside, I have a book to review. And I am not sure if I understand what 'New Technologies at Work' is seeking to theorize. I will...eventually... and I do have to read all of it, truth be told. But so far, it seems that the essays are trying to place technology in continuity with social practice and reconcile how talk about something threatens to run its course into what that things will eventually become (almost oracular and I will have more to say about that in the near future) with the lived practices of individuals using or being made to use that thing. In a reductive argument, all of it is but a way to ask, how do we live? Do we abandon old ways and rush headlong into anything new that comes along, adaptation fiends par excellence or are we but tricksters in the twilight zone between the then and the now or to use Levi-Strauss permanently embedded in bricolage? My answer would be a little bit of this and a little bit of that. In short, I don't know. And more importantly, what's theory got to do with it?
Why does one write? And I must warn you that my posts that start with a 'why' never go anywhere...if anything they go everywhere that you might not want to go. So getting back to the question, is it one of the many ways to pretend the ability to create or in the inverse, a way to stave of the eventuality of extinction? Is it communication or self-aggrandization or the aesthetic determinism of ' I have something to say that must be said'? Is it an entity with a life unto itself that must have a medium? Is it random and proababilistic or is it a necessary corollary to society and culture and historical continuity? As in did somebody show you how to write? Or do you write because you wanted to be somebody that did?

Next question: Why we we need to reproduce?