Thursday, August 11, 2005

Time to get started on the book review...

Basic impressions:

1. Why must we study technology as embedded in society when the fact is clearly acknowledged? What does ethnography do for theory that theory cannot do for itself?
2. What can be uncovered in the separation of technology as discourse from technology as act?
3.There is the attempt to politicize technology in a sense, to remove it from its sacrosanct chapel and move it down to where it is sullied and applied, sometimes in ways that it was not originally intended to. But that cannot be right... because that assumes that there is such a subject as technology that can be separated from the process of its use. If the premise is that technology is embedded, then it must remain amorphous just so that it can be understood as inextricable.
4. The essays are very interesting in the varied perspectives that they present and it is perhaps both the failure and the success of the book that they do not always come together. Failure because the avowed intent of the book is to present a united front; success because this very failure preserves the process instead of the thesis.