Thursday, August 31, 2006

Did I tell you that my blogging life has now split into two? For fear that I haven’t yet gotten into the habit of writing on the other, I will not give you the address…yet. For now, I am happy to update you on the inability of updation while in limbo. And yes, I know I am updating. But that’s only on account of the fear that I will forget. I will forget how to write, how to rant, how to make my erudition and articulation presentable for an undoubtedly worthy audience. Be it none as the case may be.

So here is what I have been upto since the last I updated:
1. Entered the hallowed halls of candidacy (a little iffy that journey was, suffice to say that I don’t care to relive it, even for the sake of immortality).
2. Packed and shipped tons and tons and tons of books.
3. Cleaned house, sold furniture and gave away five bags of clothes.
4. Condensed all wordly possessions into three suitcases (all of which are red – and so are my socks, but that’s a story for another day).
5. Had four going away parties, one replete with some fantastic pomegranate martinis.
6. Failed a driving test. (And no, this has nothing to do with point no.5)
7. Endured my umpteenth bad travel karma, landed at Atlantic City when I should have been at JFK, spent a night in a very lifeless airport lounge (are there any other kinds?) and cabbed with three very nice gentlemen, one of who hasn’t yet cashed my cheque.
8. Melted into the thronging golti populations infesting Niagara Falls and elbowed and jostled my way among the teeming millions to look at rani pink lights on gushing water. I must say that the Canadian side definitely has a better eye for colour (yellow versus bright pink, pick your pick). Also dined at the worst Indian restaurant ever!!! Do not not not ever visit Sardar Saheb (this being my little bit towards QEDing my marketing professor – bad products equal bad word-of-mouth! – if I may go off here on a tangent, just a leetle bit, my brother and I did figure that bad publicity would not be much good since no doubt, the restaurant does not suffer repeat customer visits – but to counter that, I hold up the stereotype of the desi couple that must, under pain of being accused of lack of family love, drag every relative that visits to the aforementioned gigantica just so they can go back home, display pikchurs and declare their patronage of America’s favourite monument to trade)
9. Was driven around the length and breadth of New York and its variously appropriated native Indian title-age – refer Amitav Ghosh who mentions that those that the Americans did away with, they memorialize in their SUVs.
10. Did my little NYC jaunt just because it’s going to be a while before I go back. Visited lovely restaurants and pigged out on some seriously sinful guava flan.
11. Moved countries.
12. And now I wait to move cities.

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