Saturday, November 11, 2006

A month between posts is not necessarily a new pattern. Has happened in the past and is hardly the harbinger of doom for either this post or my general tendency to rant. More often than not, what happens is that this is the last outlet. When I have no option but to bypass all the possible empathetic numbers on my cell and actually put finger to keyboard.

Let's see what I have for this update now. A few photographs, some events, small disasters and multiple possibilities. I've been shuttling between Bombay and Pune and that weird little lovely place in between where the folks live and are generous enough to feed me on my infrequent stints of complete vegetation. Bombay's great for me as and when Pune begins to get on my nerves (which these days is often enough as it is). I moved out of my lovely digs into an interim halfway house till I finally get my apartment in Jan. So all dreams of broadband net and rugs and lamps and couscous and long smoky nights of contemplation have to necessarily be relegated to possibility and eventuality. Work has been slow, not the least because I climbed a tree, fell down and pulled some muscles bad. And no, you don't get to ask me what I was doing on a tree.

Other than that, I have wined, dined, danced and gained enough perspective on life to wish I hadn't. I have attended a workshop on youth and identity and heard enough to almost give up on the idea. I prefer riding Pune's roads and battling traffic and potholes instead. The traffic here SUCKS!!! What also sucks is the complete unwillingness to yield, share, co-exist or harmonize. I suspect this might teach us a lot more about identity than all the workshops in the world put together. As the rickshawwallah I was riding with stated, "Madam, badee gadee chalao tho apne ko bhi bada lagta hai -- choti gaddi mein koi bhi dhakka maarke aage chala jaata hai". [ Madam, a bigger vehicle makes me feel bigger (and get your minds out of the gutter folks) -- anybody can push you and get ahead when you are in a small vehicle].

To digress, this is from my ride to Mulshi with S...

And this would be the aspiring rickshaw...

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