Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's the first day of the new year...and things are going well so far.

Yesterday started out well, walked around downtown on a beautiful sunny Austin day. There were people milling all over Congress around the Frost Tower, Bank of America, Paramount

and Radisson. Austin City was trying to do a day-long countdown event with dance, music, puppets, et al called 'First night Austin'. Most of the events were amateurish and overhyped, but it was nice to actually see people outside, instead of in their suburban houses and suburban SUVs! (and yes, I have a bone to pick, but I will save that for a drunken night).

Then I was out again in the night listening to Maneja Beto and Grupo Fantasma. The club wasn't overcrowded, the music was good and my friends were around. Not a bad deal, is it now?

And today, I sit and think about life, home, people and characteristic bouts of 'event'-based nostalgia...even though I know this is just another artificial marker designed to trap me in its headlights.

If only I could stop according life the privilege of being alive...